The Right Way to Place a Ganesha Idol at Home, as per Vaastu Shastra

Lord Ganesha is a fixture in most homes and business establishments. He is a symbol of auspiciousness, being the deity of success, wisdom, and prosperity. Also, he is the remover of obstacles that hinder our progress in life. Hence, Hindus always worship him before starting a new initiative.

One thing to remember is that it is important to place the Ganesha idol in the right way in your home or shop to get the best results. Vaastu Shastra has a few things to say about this. Let us find out what they are.

The Right Direction for Your Ganesha Idol

According to Vaastu experts, the west, north, and northeast directions are ideal for installing Ganesha in your home. If possible, make the idol face the north direction. It is here that Shiva resides and so it is very auspicious. Also, ensure that the back of the Ganesha idol or the photo faces the main entrance/exit. Avoid the south direction, for it is not suitable.

The Direction of Ganesha Idol’s Trunk

Ganesha, as you know, has an elephant’s head with a trunk. Now, the trunk, too, should be placed in the correct way. Vaastu experts recommend that Ganesha’s trunk ought to be tilted towards his left, because this signifies happiness and success, and hence, is good for you and your home.

So, when purchasing a Ganesha idol, check the direction of Ganesha’s trunk. If the idol has its trunk tilted to its right, it means that it is not easy to please as it symbolizes the power of the Sun, and one will have to follow the rituals strictly while worshipping the deity.

Ganesh Idol’s Posture

If you are worshipping Ganesha at home, the idol should be in a sitting posture. This is called Lalitasana. Vaastu experts claim that Ganesha in this pose suggests a calm and composed demeanor, which is conducive to a peaceful environment at home. However, if the idol is in a reclining pose, it signifies luxury, comfort, and wealth. So, if you seek such things, choose a Ganapati idol in the reclining pose.

The Color of the Ganesha Idol

If you want happiness, peace, and prosperity, you can install a white Ganesha idol at home. Or you can have a photo of a white Ganesha. If you need growth in love, place a vermilion-colored Ganesha idol, as it is very auspicious in Vaastu.

Ganesha’s Mouse and Modak

Ganesha’s mount or vehicle is a mouse, while the Modak is his favorite sweet. So, while buying the Ganesha idol, ensure that it includes the mouse and the Modak, too. The mouse signifies all-pervasiveness, while the Modak is one of the popular offerings to Ganesha.

Number of Ganesha Idols

There is a wide range of Ganesha idols in beautiful designs and materials, but it is better to have just one at home. Vaastu experts feel that if there are 2 or more idols, it may upset Ganesha’s wives, Riddhi and Siddhi, and can counteract their energy.

Places to Avoid Keeping the Ganesha Idol

Some places must be completely avoided, while deciding where to place the Ganesha idol at home. These include the bedroom, laundry room, garage, underneath staircases, and bathrooms. Vaastu claims that the garage is regarded as a vacant spot, and hence it is inauspicious for keeping the idol. Also, the energies under staircases and laundry rooms do not favor keeping the Ganesha idol in such places.


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