How do individuals relate in a relationship? If you were in a relationship, how would you perceive your partner? Is your partner more balanced, or is they more dominant in the relationship? If you see dominant characteristics in your partner or yourself and want to know what makes it so, astrology can give you some fascinating insights into the thoughts and actions that make a partner have dominant tendencies.

Astrology can also tell you what to look out for and how such tendencies can play out in a relationship. Zodiac signs can reveal a lot about personalities. While dominance in a relationship can sound negative, it can empower personal growth and enable a harmonious relationship if balanced and respectful. 

Here are some Sun signs that make dominant partners in a relationship and the factors that contribute to the characteristics that manifest in relationships.

AriesAries, the first sign of the natural zodiac, has inborn tendencies to dominate. They are highly wilful by nature and tend to be very assertive. Fiery and aggressive they are ruled by Mars, the Action Planet, which is fiery, passionate, forceful and aggressive. Individuals born under this zodiac tend to be dominant in a relationship and demanding of their partners.

Aries are unhappy with the other partner taking charge and prefer doing things their way. In a relationship with Aries, their dominating nature allows their opinions to overshadow all else. They need to have empathy and consideration for their partners. In such a relationship, it is essential to maintain a balance where both partners have equal space and respect. They like to be in a relationship where their assertiveness is respected.

LeoLeos are all about great charm and have the charisma to draw others unto them. They love to garner attention and bask in the spotlight. They desire to be admired and looked up to, which could be why they are dominant. Ruled by the Sun, they are all about vitality and power. Status is essential for Leos, and they enjoy the attention.

Although Leos are loyal and generous, they may need to know their partner’s feelings. They thrive on being in charge and giving orders to others. In a relationship, they want to lead and be in control, but they feel unhappy if they have to step back. They must balance their assertiveness with humility, as their dominance can sometimes be overpowering.

ScorpioScorpios have a natural tendency to exert their power. They are very loyal partners, but their strong will and determination may reveal their dominant tendencies in a relationship. They are passionate and protective of their partners but like to be in charge of their relationships. They become jealous and possessive in relationships and try to dominate more.

While their dominant behaviour can bring a sense of security to the relationship, the need for transparency and trust is high. Ruled by Pluto, which represents transformation, they should strive to have an atmosphere where their partner feels understood and valued, which can enhance emotional bonding and mutual growth in the relationship.

Capricorn– Individuals born under this zodiac have a natural knack for control. High on goal achievement, they are highly driven by ambition and the need to succeed. These tendencies come across as dominating in their personality. They are very loyal and dependable in a relationship. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are disciplined and practical in their life approach. They are highly responsible and have excellent organisational skills.

Capricorns have a natural flair for planning and execution, which gives them greater control and the ability to achieve stability and success. While the dominating tendency can pay dividends in a relationship, Capricorns can be more flexible and open to listening to the opinions and desires of their partners. They can prioritise emotional sensitivity, bringing more harmony into the relationship.

Understanding the trait of dominance in a relationship and astrology brings valuable insights into the personalities of these Sun signs, which have a dominating presence in relationships and often tend to take control. Establishing balance, mutual respect, and space are essential factors that bring more harmony to relationships.


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