Significance of Homam (Fire ritual)

In Hinduism, our sufferings are regarded as the results of our sins. The Vedas prescribe rituals like Homam and Yagna for the expiation of sins and for acquiring merit/virtue. These rituals are performed to seek the help of deities to deliver us from our sins and acquire punyam (merit) to fulfill our material or spiritual desires.

Significance of Agni in Homam

The five elements exist inside the human body as well. Inside the body, Agni (fire) exists in two forms – jatara-agni (digestive fire in the body) and bhoota-agni (spiritual fire in the subtle body). In most human beings, jatara-agni burns brightly, while bhoota-agni is a flickering flame. A yogi converts the jatara-agni into bhoota-agni with his sadhana (spiritual practices). It is why he does not feel hunger (due to the absence of digestive fire). Bhoota-agni is spiritual in nature and can sustain divinity. When yogis perform the nama/japa/Mantra/offerings to a god, the deity will enter into the bhoota-agni and receive the offering directly.

This is because the yogi’s bhoota-agni burns so brightly inside his subtle body or sookshma sarira that it is able to sustain the divinity of the deity within it. As a normal human being’s bhoota-agni burns dimly, he will need to use an external fire to invoke the deity into the fire. This way, the deity can receive the offerings directly from the external fire. In return, the deity will grant the legitimate or righteous desire of the person who performs the Homam.

Benefits of Various Types of Homam

Homam can have many benefits. Here are some of them.

It Removes Negativity

A place can have negative energies, which causes many problems in life, like a lack of wealth, debts, marital problems, poor health, etc. Homams can remove such energies and purify the place so that these problems disappear.

It is a Remedy for Adverse Planetary Influences

Adverse planetary effects can cause many problems in all aspects of our lives. Homams can reduce or nullify these effects.

It Brings Divine Blessings

Homams attract good fortune and prosperity by invoking the blessings of the deities.

It Resolves Financial and Career-related Issues

People perform Ganapati Homams for success and prosperity in career. Chandi Homams can help create wealth, bring a good harvest, and Vansh vriddhi (progress for future generations).

Different Types of Homam and Their Benefits

Ganapati Homam

It is dedicated to Ganesha, who removes obstacles from one’s life. People worship him for success, wisdom, and prosperity. Ganapati Homam is performed to eliminate the hurdles in new business ventures, marriage, etc. People with Ketu dosha should also perform it.

Sudarshana Homam

This Homam invokes the Sudarshana Chakra, Lord Vishnu’s divine weapon. Sudarshana Homam can protect one from enemies and evil eyes and boost health, etc. It can also bring victory in one’s endeavors, wealth, and purification.

Chandi Homam

Chandi Homam is dedicated to Goddess Chandi(a form of Goddess Durga). It is very powerful and can eradicate all Doshas and hurdles. It can help you win court cases and overcome enemies.

Mrityunjaya Homam

Maha Mrityunjaya Homam invokes Shiva. It is believed to prevent untimely death and to gain victory over death. The main offerings are Amrita (a herb) and Durva grass. It can also remove the ill effects of planets and doshas in a horoscope.

Ayush Homam

It invokes Ayur Devata. People who seek long life and better health perform this Homam. Many perform it on their child’s first birthday based on their Janam Nakshatra. It can eliminate the evil eye and its effects on the child so that the child has a long life and good health. One can get instant Homa services or perform Instant Homam online nowadays at the click of a button.


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